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Sucre Market and Wedding


What were we doing 30 years ago? While quarantining we found photos of a harrowing trip to a village known for amazing weavings. Hitched a ride on soda and beer delivery truck, sitting atop bottles of Fantas. Upon arriving and getting situated in a classroom at the local school for sleeping accommodation for 4 days, an invitation to partake in wedding celebration came our way. We couldn’t turn it down. Started drinking chicha, eating potatoes and goat and a guinea pig. Slept on kids desks together in a classroom with no electricity.
Just followed the teacher who got us the room to sleep. We spoke very little Spanish and most the people of the village spoke Quechua. Wonderful hospitality without any ties. Our intention was to visit several villages to buy textiles but after the encounter we couldn’t put business into such an experience.

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